Bricolage uses cutting-edge text mining and data analytics technologies and research techniques, which allow us to combine different types and sources of data, then examine and analyse them, to discover useful knowledge and gain new insights.

We specialise in taking both structured and unstructured data and bringing them together to spot and extract patterns, correlations, anomalies, entities, topics, themes and facts that would not have been apparent had just one type of data been used.

By combining data in this way, it becomes possible not just to measure phenomena – to say what is happening and when – but also to look at their possible causes – to understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ – and develop predictive models – to forecast future performance and outcomes.

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    Our Clients

    Recent clients have included:

    • Ministry of Defence (MOD)
    • Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (dstl)
    • Depaul UK
    • Newman Spurr Consulting (NSC)
    Recent Clients